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"the plans that I had were quickly destroyed/the problem was one I couldn't avoid..."

So...good news and bad news. And more bad news.

Good news is- Taylor picked Lauren and me up from our meeting place yesterday. We're here with her and Gina now.

Bad news- Well, not really bad for us. Kind of good for us. Bad for other people reading this journal.

When we were there, we saw Lucy. She was arguing with two Shadows. They slammed her head into the side of a car and took her away. I don't know if they saw us or not, but they didn't try to grab us.

I mention this because I know there are people who will say that we have something to do with that, and we don't. You guys obviously have some internal issues to work out.

The actual Bad News- Ananda is back with her father. She doesn't want us to come get her. She's made that very clear. But she's not safe there. I know she's not. And I think that soon, it'll be too late.

Ananda, whether we see each other again or not- Thank you for everything. Be careful. And if you ever need me, for anything, I'll be here.

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